6 tips for managing a high-performing digital broking team

As a mortgage broking industry, we’ve moved away from traditional working and office spaces, more teams are working remotely, adopting new tech-tools and increasing their collaboration online. 

However, we’re now in a period of transition. 

Face-to-face meetings are resuming, businesses are deciding whether to go back to the office full time (or at all), and employees are grappling with the idea that their way of working is about to change, again. 

In this new hybrid of online and offline broking, business owners have the challenge of reimaging their business operations, increasing business performance, all while keeping their teams motivated and connected. 

So, how do you do it? Here are 6 tips for managing a high-performing digital broking team. 

1. Hire the right people

Building your team is a significant investment for your business, so you have to make sure you get it right. You need to recruit people with the right skill level, can adapt to new tech tools and processes, and can thrive in the virtual environment. 

Your team is your greatest asset and even though finding the perfect fit can be a challenge, it’s important to have the right team supporting you and your business goals. 

Check out another article I’ve written recently; failsafe guide for hiring support staff If you’d like more tips.

2. Focus your team on a unified goal

When managing a high-performing virtual team it can take extra effort to keep people motivated. 

By establishing a common unified goal, and regularly checking in on your progress, team members are more likely to feel that they are contributing value to each other and are driving the success of the business. 

Do you have a Wildly Important Goal (WIG)? 

A WIG is the brainchild of global business coach and Wall Street Journal’s #1 National Bestselling author, Chris McChesney who recently ran a summit at Loan Market.

Have a read of ‘The secret to nailing small business goals’ to find out more.

3. Set up the right communications channels

High-performing teams are always well-informed, up-to-date and focused on the goals of the business, (with your new WIG this will be easier!). 

It’s easy for anyone to get distracted, even more so operating digitally, so setting up the right communication channels are important for keeping your team members on track. 

Building online instant messaging platforms into your team communication, such as Google Hangouts and Slack, are essential for creating team collaboration,employee engagement, and connecting staff who are working remotely. 

communication platform

4. Upskill the team for business efficiency 

The COVID-19 crisis created a need for the mortgage broking industry to adapt and focus on technology to continue running their businesses from home. 

As mentioned above, your support team is your greatest asset. Training and upskilling them on the latest technology tools will have an influence on your business efficiency, productivity and will create a better experience for your clients. 

Upskilling support staff is a growing focus for aggregators, with online learning, training programs and communities being enhanced to support their growth and development.

5. Take advantage of a sophisticated CRM system

When it comes to virtual work, multiple systems, paper and manual processes just won’t cut it anymore. 

As a digital mortgage broker, you need a sophisticated CRM system that covers every part of your business and is your one source of truth for all team members.  

Your system can define your success and productivity, so make sure you are utilising a system that supports your business goals. 

If you are interested in previewing Loan Market’s MyCRM tech platform, feel free to email me and we can schedule an online demo

6. Automate anything you can

Automation is the definition of ‘doing more with less’. 

Incorporating automation tools, such as marketing automation, document collection and task management, into your business process can save you and your team a lot of time. 

With the time saved, you can meet more clients, build your pipeline and generate new business!

Our industry is changing shape and aggregators need to support their brokers and their teams, now more than ever, through this transition and into the future of digital mortgage broking.

If you want to know more about managing and growing a high-performing team with the right aggregator, visit here.

PUBLISHED July 10th, 2020 IN Stories and insights

Andrea McNaughton

Andrea is Loan Market’s Executive Director of Network Success. Starting her career in real estate over 20-years ago, she has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge within the real estate and finance industries. Andrea's love for a challenge and restlessness for growth have made her an undeniable force of leadership within the Loan Market Group.