3 ways to find (and keep) clients with Loan Market

Leads are the life-blood of your business. Finding them, nurturing them, converting them and keeping them is a time consuming, and often expensive process.

Having a constant flow of quality leads in your pipeline means you’re always prospecting, taking time away from the service and energy you can provide to existing clients. To all the solo brokers out there, we know how difficult it can be to manage existing clients while looking for new ones.

The time suck is one thing, the expense is another. Generating leads through digital sources like social media advertising and traditional advertising like TV and radio becomes a costly exercise, and doesn’t always guarantee quality leads.

With the help of our brokers, Loan Market has created 3 digital programs to help you find clients, convert them and keep them, all built within with our very own award-winning CRM system, MyCRM.

Introducing Loan Market’s suite of lead-gen and automated marketing tools:

  1. Pay Per Lead (PPL) program
  2. Nurture program
  3. Stay In Touch program

Tried and tested, not trial and error

Loan Market’s lead generation platforms have been developed and honed over a number of years, and have been built for brokers, by brokers. With efficiency at the heart of all we do, our tools are designed to address broker pain points by integrating technology, embedding strong client call to action and sharing insights into your customers through data. And, our tools are backed by rigorous pilots, real broker testing and a focus on continuous optimisation.  

Results at a glance:

  • 3,600 PPL leads have been delivered to 109 brokers
  • Nurture program is seeing consistent average open rates of nearly 30%
  • Stay in Touch open rates of over 51%

Meaning our messages are resonating with our customers.

Looking for leads? 

Supercharge your pipeline with Pay Per Lead

The Pay Per Lead (PPL) program offers Loan Market brokers access to leads on-demand, putting time back in your day to work with customers and write more deals. Flexible and fully-integrated with MyCRM (Loan Market’s time-saving tech solution), PPL allows you to control the number of leads you want each month, select the area radius you want leads from, and even choose which days you want to receive them. That’s right – you’re in total control, and it’s all smoothly integrated through our custom-built MyCRM. PPL delivers you client leads, when you want them, so you can build your pipeline, grow your database and your business. Simple!

Broker’s who love it:

How this broker achieved a 300% return on investment with PPL

Through the PPL program, NSW broker Linda Hulme has achieved a 300% return on investment and has converted 12% of leads to settlement. As a new business owner, Mrs Hulme says PPL has been a business boosting tool, giving her the flexibility to generate leads while juggling professional and personal life.

“I have complete control of when I receive my leads and the number of leads I would like to receive at the time. I’m effectively controlling the growth of my pipeline – it’s the perfect solution!” she said.

Turn leads into referrals with PPL

The PPL program not only provides mobile-verified leads, but opens the door for ample referral opportunity. NSW broker, Lee Harvey, received a PPL lead in November 2018 that he is still reaping the rewards from. The initial lead was serviced, in which the customer then referred Lee onto a few friends and colleagues. So far, Lee has secured $12,000 in up front commission from one lead, a 9,900% ROI.

Mr Harvey says the PPL program has been more effective than TV ads, radio or social media advertising as there’s more bang for your buck. “The program is built on geography – brokers can choose where they receive leads from. The flexibility – leads can be scaled up and down on demand and it’s instantaneous – there is no lag period for the changes to kick into effect.” 

To learn more about the Pay Per Lead program click here

Spending hours on email?

Stay in Touch and never lose a client 

Saving brokers’ time is at the forefront of everything we do at Loan Market. We know marketing can be yet another time-suck, so why not automate it? In October 2018 we piloted the Stay In Touch program; a post-settlement email automation which allows you to spend more time focusing on growing your business by effortlessly staying in touch with customers to ensure you remain top-of-mind. 

Stay In Touch has proved successful with the Loan Market broker network, and has helped stop clients falling off loan books by keeping them engaged through automated content delivered at key milestones, and has opened new revenue opportunities with existing clients by sending relevant messages at the right time to start conversations.

Almost 50,000 automated post-settlement emails have been sent to customers on behalf of LM brokers since the launch of the SIT program in October 2018, with an open rate above industry average of 20%, sitting at over 51%.

Broker’s who love it:

Personalised communication and actionable insights

Victorian Loan Market broker, Marios Rokka, has praised the marketing automation for the business development opportunity it brings. He says the program is a “great way for my clients to get personalised emails from my email address.” 

“The best thing has been the notifications I receive every time an email is sent out, which tells me what the email was about, and gives me action items to perform. I love it.”

Set, forget and never miss a client milestone Brett Richardson of Loan Market Ellenbrook in Western Australia has also seen the value in the Stay in Touch program since being on the pilot in October 2018. The time that it’s put back into his day has been “immeasurable”, he says.

“In the past we would have had to create tasks at settlement for each post settlement milestone then on the task due date, spend time sending letters, emails or making calls to our clients. It’s a fantastic tool that helps you maintain regular contact with your clients and keeps you and your business foremost in their minds.”

Worried about losing old contacts?

Nurture not-proceeding leads and stay top of mind

Loan Market’s newest addition to automated marketing; Loan Market Nurture, takes the guesswork out of communicating to not-proceeding leads. It’s sometimes hard enough to just communicate with clients post-settlement, let alone those we don’t expect to proceed in the near future. We get it. That’s why Loan Market brokers have access to Nurture. Powered by MyCRM, Nurture sends personalised emails to not-proceeding clients from you, the broker. 

Broker’s who love it:

How Nurture helps this broker communicate at the click of a button.

NSW broker, Damien Page, says the Nurture program has become a game changer for his business, saying, “I have hundreds of cold leads in my database and Nurture helps me communicate with them 1-on-1 without having to lift a finger. It saves me at least 10 hours per month and generates plenty of revenue opportunities I’d have otherwise lost.”

Article at a glance

  • For brokers, lead generation becomes a time-consuming and expensive exercise that takes time away from doing what you do best; finding your customers the right financial solution for their situation
  • Loan Market is all about putting time back into your day. Which is why we created three lead-gen and automated marketing tools, all synced with our award-winning CRM system; MyCRM
  • The Pay Per Lead (PPL) program is the answer to lead-gen you’ve been looking for. PPL sends mobile-verified leads straight to your pipeline at the click of a button. With PPL, you’re in control of when, where and how many leads you receive 
  • The Stay In Touch program was designed for you to maintain communication with clients post-settlement. The program sends automated emails from you, the broker, straight to clients at key milestones
  • The Nurture program allows brokers to nurture not-proceeding, or cold leads. Nurture is another ‘set and forget’ automated marketing tool that helps you stay top of mind for when clients are ready to proceed with a loan

Want to learn more about how Loan Market’s award-winning tech and marketing solutions can help supercharge your business? Click here.

PUBLISHED September 27th, 2019 IN Stories and insights

Lisa Phillips

Lisa is Loan Market’s Chief Marketing Officer and leads the marketing team with a mission to be the place where brokers grow more profitable businesses. Lisa has over 13-years of experience in building brand value for companies across Australian and international markets, and understands what it takes to cut through the noise when marketing for small and big business. Lisa lives by the ‘kaizen’ mantra of continuous improvement.