Loan Market celebrates support specialists through #nationalcsmweek2020

Loan Market will celebrate its front office specialists in its inaugural nationwide Customer Service Manager (CSM) week from October 26-30, shining a light on the professionals helping brokers navigate the complexity, legalities and growth challenges of modern broking.

With rising market activity – a combination of renewed consumer confidence in brokers and record-low interest rates – Loan Market has been inducting a new CSM to the network every day since July. 

Loan Market anticipates inducting almost 250 more over the next 12 months with the Federal Budget’s JobMaker subsidies further strengthening the recruitment drive.

“CSMs used to be the unsung heroes of brokerages but their importance and contribution doesn’t go unnoticed anymore,” said Mrs McNaughton.

“The role of the CSMs goes far beyond chasing information from lenders and clients. Loan Market offers training for CSMs in the streams of loan packaging, loan processing, marketing, settlements, office management and credit analysis.”

#Nationalcsmweek2020 – which is open to anyone in or entering the industry –  will educate brokers on what attributes they should look for in support staff ahead of the impending Best Interests Duty (BID) and identify what type of CSM will complement their business to support growth.

Loan Market’s National CSM Week will include:

  • A national hashtag #nationalcsmweek2020
  • Daily social media spotlight on leading CSMs
  • Daily 30-minute training for business owners and CSMs
    • Productivity tips with the Kaizen master
    • What CSMs can (and can’t) do within BID
    • Is now the right time to hire a CSM
    • Attract leading CSMs, and keep them
    • How to master one-touch files
  • A virtual CSM Recruitment Night for business owners on Wednesday 28 October.
  • CSM-special webinar: Top 10 tech every CSM needs
  • National CSM Week podcast 

Loan Market supports CSM training via a six-week loan structuring program; four weeks of peer-to-peer mentoring; and multi-program tips for efficiency. 

Training and education modules are also offered through Loan Market’s MyCRM and internal knowledge sharing through the network’s own CSM community.

The modern-day CSM

  • 20-30 years old
  • Technically proficient and literate across the breath of social media platforms
  • Enjoy customer service
  • Attentive to detail
  • Willing to collaborate

PUBLISHED October 1st, 2020 IN Stories and insights

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