Loan Market expands its tech team for MyCRM’s next evolution

Loan Market has increased investment in its multi-award winning MyCRM, recruiting the Australian division of a global IT company to deliver more digital innovations for brokers and customers.

The nine-person Australian-based software and digital architecture team of Denmark-based KMD has been absorbed into Loan Market’s technology division. They bring with them experience in delivering IT solutions for banking and finance, energy and government clients around the world.

The recruitment follows on from Loan Market Group winning the 2020 Technology Platform of the Year at the Australian Broking Awards for MyCRM in July.

MyCRM is the technology solution that underpins The Loan Market Way, the group’s response to impending Best Interests Duty (BID) legislation that will save brokers time, keep them safe, help them find and keep clients and grow their business.

Additionally, MyCRM brings together Loan Market’s suite of automated marketing solutions, lender data, file resources, training modules and more under a central platform powering every part of brokers’ businesses. 

Loan Market Executive Chairman Sam White today announced Jakob Højgaard, the former Managing Director of KMD’s Australian business, will take on the new role of Chief Technology Officer of MyCRM under the expansion.

“As we move toward heightened regulation through BID and the expectations of digitally-savvy customers increase, MyCRM’s role in driving brokers’ businesses will become even stronger,” Mr White said.

“Bringing in Jakob and his team will address current and future challenges for the industry. Jakob is influential amongst the global IT community and his team have been pivotal in supporting the digital engagement and growth strategies of public and private companies.

“We’re committed to saving brokers time, keeping them safe, helping them find and keep clients and build bigger businesses. MyCRM has matured to become the leading digital platform in the industry and expanding the team behind it allows us to take it to the next level for broker productivity, safety and client experience.” 

As well as overseeing KMD’s Australian business, Mr Højgaard oversaw a global division of 40 staff in locations including India, Poland and Denmark in his previous role.

“It’s very exciting to take the team to Loan Market,” said Mr Højgaard.

“FinTech is continually evolving and Sam is committed to delivering further innovation through MyCRM and that’s an exciting mandate for our developers and architects.

“The nucleus of our team has been together for almost three years now and we have a strong understanding of each other’s capabilities. We’re currently integrating with the existing MyCRM team, building-up resources across every component of the platform.”

Mr White said: “We wouldn’t have brought in an entire team unless we were confident there would be a cultural alignment between Jakob’s team and our existing technology division,” said Mr White.

“Through our discussions, it’s clear we all share the same value of delivering digital solutions that meet the challenges of our brokers and their customers.” 

PUBLISHED October 1st, 2020 IN Stories and insights

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