Top performing women write history at Loan Market

It’s the season of digital webinars and zoom conferences, and brokers are working harder than ever to support their customers through the impending economic uncertainty.

It’s been a tough year, yet Loan Market brokers produced outstanding results which were recognised at the Group’s inaugural (virtual) International Awards. 

Leading ladies dominated Loan Market’s top performers, including Sarah Thomson as #1 Australian broker and Paulette Trotter as #1 New Zealand and International broker. 

“I’m so proud to see Sarah, Paulette, and others like Lisa Bridgett, (our Best New Broker winner,) take women to the front of the class in broking,” Sam White, Executive Chairman Loan Market Group.

According to the MFAA opportunities for Women Report, women are exiting the industry at a faster rate than men, and in 2019 accounted for only 34% of Australian brokers.

“Seeing so many great business owners be rewarded for their leadership I think  it will inspire more women to take up broking as a career, and the industry will be better off for that,” Sam White, Executive Chairman Loan Market Group.

These women have etched their names in Loan Market’s record book in achievements. Here they are. 

#1 Australian broker – Sarah Thomson

As the director of Loan Market Geelong City, Sarah has consistently been a top performer in the industry and leads an all-female brokerage. Her brokerage was named amongst Loan Market’s top 10 businesses this year and the Australian Broking Awards Regional Office of the Year. 

Sarah and her team believe in a holistic approach to finance, introducing a variety of services to every client, from investment, construction, equipment and car loans. This is a driving force to their success and encourages repeat business. She’s her customers’ ultimate Trusted Adviser

“Whether it’s the legal profession, IT or broking. I think it’s really important for any industry to have a healthy mix of women and men to service the marketplace. I honestly think there is no better place to grow your career as a woman in broking.”

#1 New Zealand broker – Paulette Trotter

According to Paulette, she didn’t think she would ever leave banking but with the support and mentorship of Bruce Patten, a leading broker in New Zealand, she made the leap. 

Paulette was recently crowned as Loan Market’s #1 New Zealand and #1 International brokers at Loan Market’s International Awards, as well as being named #3 in New Zealand’s Top Adviser awards. 

“I have an amazing team. They work super hard and the service they provide to our customers is outstanding.”

Best New Broker – Lisa Bridgett

Joining Loan Market in May 2019, Lisa was voted by her peers as the Best New Broker in Australia. 

Lisa is no stranger to hard work. As a franchise business owner, single mother of two, and a doctoral degree holder, Lisa had a whopping 80% growth in settlements in 12 months (impressive right!). 

Lisa says adopting the mindset of a digital broker she created a business model that allows her to work faster, smarter, easier and most importantly, scale her business. 

You can read more about Lisa’s journey with Loan Market here.

International Cutting Edge Broker – Lyndal Linkin

In a crazy year that included impending regulation changes, national bushfires and a global pandemic, Lyndal Linkin, Loan Market business owner, got down to work. 

In partnership with Ray White Croydon, Lyndal supported over 50 customers, and achieved a 176% growth in settlements! Lyndal was recognised for this outstanding achievement as she received Loan Market’s International Cutting Edge award, which recognises brokers who have had the highest year-on-year growth. 

 Leading Ladies of Loan Market 

Leading Ladies is a Loan Market initiative that brings together Loan Market’s female business owners, brokers and Customer Service Managers. The forum encourages women to share strategies and develop bigger businesses.

“If women are thinking about broking as a career, they can be assured that there’s support out there,” Sarah says

“I’ve been a member of Loan Market’s Leading Ladies group for several years and we have a combination of events, networking sessions and share the knowledge that really helps our professional development.” 

If you would like to know more about Loan Market or it’s leading ladies initiative, get in touch with us here

PUBLISHED August 7th, 2020 IN Stories and insights

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