Unrivalled business support from Loan Market’s Broker Success Team

Award-winning aggregator Loan Market has completed a major shake-up of its network-support and virtual national training offering to align businesses with the demands of Best Interests Duty (BID), COVID support and future growth opportunities.

Following extensive research and road testing, Loan Market has unveiled its new Broker Success Teams whose service offering integrates market-leading business coaching with tech-enabled growth practices and training in an innovative partnership.

The network has also launched a virtual training calendar which includes over 20 hours of online training each week, including daily Thrive sessions for topical training, the Let’s Get Digital series for the beginners guide to all Loan Market technology and weekly Ray White Ready programs to help brokers build and maintain successful partnerships with agents amongst hours of other live content.

Loan Market Group’s Executive Director of Network Success Andrea McNaughton said prior to COVID and with the looming implementation of BID, the aggregator took stock of the shifting industry landscape to reassess its offering.

“Late last year we began looking at the way our business supports our brokers and how we could provide an even more personalised offering,” Ms McNaughton said.

“Under this new structure, there is one Broker Success Manager to every 50 business owners. This person is tasked with deeply understanding the brokers business.” 

Ms McNaughton said the aggregator had dubbed the Broker Success Managers the network’s ‘BID-buddies’. 

“Business Success Managers do exactly as their name suggests: guiding business owners, brokers and loan writers through the transition of BID and positioning them for success at the other side.

“Importantly our Broker Success Managers have diverse skills sets spanning everything from commercial and asset finance to management and digital marketing. Our business owners are able to call on these specialisations at any times.

“They’re complemented by our systems specialists who work from the front to the back office to make sure our businesses unlock every growth-enabling feature of MyCRM. 

“MyCRM was made by brokers for brokers, and will be critical to ensure the transition is smooth and productive.”

Despite BID implementation being delayed until January 2021 Loan Market will continue to roll out its BID-safe process, The Loan Market Way according to Ms McNaughton. Having already completed a week’s worth of virtual training which saw over half of the network participate each day.

Broker Success Managers are tasked with implementing The Loan Market Way standards across the network – a holistic approach to customer service, compliance and reporting that reflects regulatory and market expectations, while saving brokers time.

“The changes reflect the new environment we’re entering but are also directly aligned to Loan Market’s core promises to save brokers time, keep them safe, help them find and keep clients, and grow bigger businesses.

“We see BID as a huge opportunity to realign and develop business support that addresses immediate and future business needs,” said Ms McNaughton.

“Immediately, Broker Success Teams will look to ensure all businesses are equipped and confident to handle the changes introduced on through the Best Interests Duty (BID) including understanding note-taking expectations and adopting time-saving tech solutions.

“Alongside that – and ongoing – the teams will put measures in place which will grow databases via portfolio managers, optimise productivity and enhance performance through Business Success Managers, and systems specialists who will fast-track business growth through technology,” Ms McNaughton continued. 

“And binding the new strategic alignment is increased and measurable clarity, accountability and responsibility. We’re holding our teams to account in a true partnership with our businesses to help them save time and see more customers right now.”

PUBLISHED June 3rd, 2020 IN Stories and insights

Holly Bagley

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