Why use video to build your broker profile and business?

Video killed the radio star, but it gave new life to the broker.

As part of the digital revolution, video has become a leading platform from which brokers can engage their customers. Whether it’s via a mobile phone, tablet or desktop, brokers are creating relationships with their customers like never before.

Video can be a surprisingly affordable way to stand out amongst your competitors, build relationships with your clients, fill your pipeline and make you an attraction brand.

But leaping into video without a strategy won’t have you swimming in leads – or likes, for that matter.

So, how do you do video, right?

You don’t need a Hollywood production for a kickass video

Gone are the days when you need to commit $20,000 to create a video that will capture eyeballs. Sure, a slickly produced video incorporating high-end cameras, drones and cinema-quality editing software is going to enhance your brand. But not every-one has the budget or time for this.

Influencers have carved lucrative careers on social media by starting with one thing – content, which we come to later in this article.

The majority of them started off their careers with a quality smartphone, selfie stick or gimbal. They tapped into the rise of self-editing software for both iOS and Android.

They took cues on how to present good content – and you can too!

Start with:

  • tight framing so viewers can recognise you
  • hold the smartphone horizontally for a better viewer experience. Plus, it will be easier to upload to the platform
  • good lighting (not after dark or in a poorly lit room, and not back-lit by the outdoors). My tip: stand facing a window, the natural light will illuminate you – easy!
  • a reliable in-built microphone or lapel to ensure your narrative comes through crystal clear. Not a must – but handy to have.

Great content for brokers

You’ve no doubt seen many real estate agents – a common referrer base for brokers – embrace video to grow their business.

Real estate is a great industry to capitalise on the opportunities of video – it can be a really effective platform to transport potential customers into their potential home, and use some creativity at the same time.

Even though brokers are an intrinsic part of the real estate process, they don’t get to take a camera through a palatial waterfront address or span across the city from the 15th floor of a new listing.

Because brokers don’t have access to the same visual props to leverage their content, they think video’s not for them. Wrong.

Brokers have extensive relationships in the community. Working with borrowers with different motivations, brokers enjoy front seat exposure to what’s driving the market.

You have the insider word and your customers want to know what’s happening. So, tell them!

These are my 3 content pillar suggestions – just fill in the ideas (I’ve started them off for you): 

1. Advice
You’ve got your finger on the pulse and your answering customer questions every day. Why not share your advice in a video?

Try these topics:

  • Address pain points
  • ‘How Do I’ series
  • Breaking down home loan jargon/acronyms
  • FAQs by borrowers

2. Trends and insights
Finance and property are in the news all. of. the. time! People love reading and hearing about it. Why not add your voice into the mix? So if you agree (or even better disagree) with the latest news article or trend take a 60-second video with your insights.

Try these topics:

  • RBA decisions
  • Market commentary: the who, what, when, why and how?
  • Your commentary on new data (housing, economic, employment, Government)

3. Community
Your advantage is that you are local and on the ground. Use that in your video content!

Try these topics:

  • Shout outs to someone in your community
  • Case study of a recent customer #brokersworkforyou
  • Spotlights on local heroes and businesses
  • Your favourite spot (cafes/restaurants/walks etc.)
  • Charity work or support

But what do I do with it?

Build your database with video. Populate your LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts with your video. Ask your audience a question at the end of every video and start engaging. They are conversations you may have never had.

Instead of sitting down to write an 800-word weekly or fortnightly blog, try your hand at a 1-minute video and send that directly to your database.

But take note: video is a commitment, just like any other marketing initiative. You won’t see results day 1, week 1, or even month 1. But committing to a weekly video strategy will build your business, engage new customers, new referrers and team members.

I’m too busy …. I can get by without video

Can you? Really? Look, you probably can BUT data from the world’s leading minds in social media think otherwise.

Hootsuite predicted the role and prevalence of video would be one of the big factors in the evolution of social media in 2020.

Approximately 1 in 3 social video viewers watched videos that were generated by businesses for lead generation, brand awareness or other commercial tactics, according to the Global Web Index. And it’s not just millennials who are at the forefront of videos growth – Global Web Index believes 81% of 55 to 64-year-olds are watching videos online each month.

Video is saturating social media. Some analysts believe it will represent 80% of all content within a couple of years. Video is no longer a luxury – it should be part of the future-proofing your business.

Australia’s best brokers are using video to engage, including Josh Bartlett and Damien Roylance and reaping massive benefits as a result.

And Loan Market’s Executive Chairman Sam White – the Australian Broking Awards’ Industry Thought Leader of the Year – has utilised the power of video. He’s used it to great success in advocacy and to also show brokers can have fun as well.

OK, I’m sold – let’s do video.

Awesome! Get started with your smartphone and basic editing apps. Then develop a calendar of content that includes your market observations, tips and tricks for borrowers, engages referrers. Above all, show the person and broker you are!

PUBLISHED September 27th, 2019 IN Stories and insights

Stacey Moseley

Stacey is a journalist by trade, but it wasn't until she moved into PR and Communications that she really found her buzz. Stacey loves helping businesses tell their stories and has spent the last 5-years working as a media specialist and communicator in leading franchise businesses.