3 ways to fast-track business growth

Growing your business can be tough. Finding a franchise that allows freedom can be tougher. 

But Loan Market business owner, Lisa Bridgett has nailed both, plus some!  

Joining Loan Market in May 2019, Lisa was determined to grow a business that was truly her own with flexibility, no restraints and a seamless customer experience. In Lisa’s first 12 months at Loan Market, she has grown her loan book size by 80% with $30mil to be settled in FY2020. 

A completely immersive digital broking model. 

A self-described #expertleveldork, Lisa has been broking in Sydney’s CBD for over 4 years, following a career in biomechanics. She has a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (Hons 1A), a bunch of Diploma’s in Project and Business Management AND a PhD in Biomechanics. *takes breath* 

Starting her mortgage broking business in 2016, as a solo mum of two, Lisa knew she had to embrace technology to work faster, utilise her time more efficiently, give her clients a seamless and fun experience and build her business. 

We chatted with Lisa to get the full run-down on how she operates her business since going digital with Loan Market, what keeps her top of mind with clients, and how she achieved a 80% increase in growth.

Here’s 3 ways she did it. 

1. Embraced digital from the get-go.

 “I’ve always been a lover of all things tech (once being a biomechanist will do that to you!), and operating in the digital space is central to my business as a mortgage broker.”

The digital world created by the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated technology in mortgage broking and Lisa was already ahead of the game. 

Being a working mum and owning her own business, she needed to be versatile. 

Structuring and integrating digital tools into her business operations from the get-go has meant she works faster with flexibility, giving her more time to talk strategy with her clients. 

“Lot’s of my clients are solo mums as well and sometimes having a face-to-face meeting just isn’t going to work. But jumping on a Zoom call, or Google Hangout will!” she said. 

Seeing more client’s didn’t stop Lisa from expanding her business digitally. 

“When business picked up, I found my Client Service Manager, Fleur Thomson, through the team at Loan Market. She currently supports me 24 hours a week and is based out of Victoria. We also use a full-time Loan Support Officer from Loan Market’s Broker Support Unit in Manila and we all work remotely online in MyCRM.” 

It’s fair to say COVID-19 hasn’t slowed her down! In fact, to Lisa’s business success, COVID-19 actually helped her business further accelerate as the lenders were forced to conform to the way she was already doing things.

“As my team is already digital, it hasn’t impacted how we work. If anything, we’ve been busier as we’ve been helping as many client’s as we can.”

2. Asking every client for a Google review.

Tech-savvy consumers want digital tools that they can use from their mobile devices and update in real time, according to Lisa.

Using professional tools such as Loan Market’s Online Fact Find, a mobile-first data collection tool and the Hello Pack, is a personalised and compliant introduction to Lisa’s broking services.  

“I send every customer a Hello Pack, with an invitation to complete the Online Fact Find. They love it. We can start the application process together online, without having to pick up the phone.”

The experience a client has with your broking services can make or break your business, anything short of a memorable client experience can pull down your 5 star-rating on Google Reviews, says Lisa.

Lisa asks her client’s for a Google Review on signing day and her reviews show how much tech is valued by her clients. Check out her 5 star rating.

3. Creates the ultimate online presence.

From Linkedin, Facebook,Google Reviews to her fully mobile-website  – Lisa is everywhere! 

According to Lisa, building your brand’s online presence is crucial in today’s digital world – it builds credibility and enhances your reputation. If you’re looking for a new restaurant, a play to watch or a mortgage broker, Google search is usually your go-to place to research before you use! 

Lisa says that she is really active on Linkedin and Facebook as it’s a great way to connect with clients online to “show them who I am and what I am all about”.

“I use marketing collateral from Loan Market’s digital hub BrandUI, and then add my own ‘Lisa flavour’ when I post. Traditionally being in a franchise you don’t get to put your own twist on things, but Loan Market gives me that freedom.” 

So, what’s in store for the future?

Going paperless and digital from the get-go, impressing her clients with integrated tech tools and building an online presence has created a business model that is cemented in rapid growth (as we can see from that 80%) and is easily scalable. 

Becoming a digital broker has enabled Lisa to work smarter, faster and easier, saving time on back-end processes and tedious admin! The time saved has allowed Lisa to see and help more clients achieve their finance dreams, which is what her business is all about. 

We can’t wait to see what Lisa does next! Lookout FY2021!

PUBLISHED May 13th, 2020 IN Stories and insights

Holly Bagley

Holly is a multi-channel marketing professional with ambition and curiosity. She loves building things up from scratch, uncovering problems and finding creative marketing solutions. She gets a kick out of helping businesses drive measurable growth (yes data!). As an avid film-buff, Holly has a passion for story-telling across multimedia. Call her Holly "Spielberg" Bagley!